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Elvis Impersonator Jade Adams playing Elvis Presley guitar

Fit for a King: Jade Adams, a Presley lookalike, plays the singer's old instrument.

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Jade Adams - Elvis impersonator biography

Elvis Impersonator - Jade Adams - Child YearsI first knew about Elvis Presley when I was 7 years old. I'd opened one of my mother’s magazines, and there was a picture of Elvis on a page with other top stars of the day. I asked my mother to cut the picture out for me, and I carried it in my pocket everywhere. What was that instant connection - you know I can't say. At that time I had never heard Elvis songs, or seen any films of him, it was just the look.

I grew up in a small country village in Suffolk, an ideal setting. I loved the country. I was able to take myself of for walks and sing at the top of my voice, with no fear anybody would hear me. I mean I thought I sounded OK for a lad whose voice hadn't yet broken, but it's different trying your voice out in public. I got my first chance to sing to a willing listener when I was 12 years old. Apparently this woman had heard me singing past her house. I denied it was me. She said "I know it was you, please sing for me", so I did and she loved it.

Elvis Impersonator Jade Adams and his friend NickIt was difficult growing up with a violent, abusive father. The Elvis Presley songs and my singing, my hopes and dreams really did get me through. Like most young lads before me I dreamed of being a star like Elvis, though I never knew if destiny would take me there. I was nearly always hanging around with my best mate Nick. We formed a few bands which got me on the road, to a performing career. Nick sadly died February 2010 aged just 46. I'd known him for 40 yrs. I think he became my biggest fan; he was certainly my best mate.

When I was 18 yrs old I was forced to leave home. There's so much I could say as to why, but I will write in more details when I write the book of my live, which I have plans for. Let's just say the survival years had started!

Elvis impersonator Jade Adams - Elvis Lookalike - Elvis TributeStill having the dream of being a singer, I would join up with bands, as a guest singer, enter karaoke contests and do just about anything I could to get a chance to sing. My confidence grew when I won a couple of karaoke competitions. From there I moved onto small gigs. I always have done a variety of songs. I thought there were already too many Elvis tribute artists out there. I figured the world didn't need another one. But as time went on, people would always remark on my resemblance to Elvis, and how they liked the Elvis songs I sang in my shows. I guess the rest is history.

I have enjoyed a wide range of appointments in my Elvis career, more than I could have imagined in my early days. Does the world need another Elvis; I think the world is always going to need Elvis Presley in some way or another. It is my belief that a good Elvis impersonator show can always bring people closer to something they probably had never a chance to experience for real. While there is never a substitute for the real thing, a substitute doesn't always mean a second rate show.

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